ADP Marketing Website

I was a design lead on the ADP account during my time with Modus Agency where I worked on a variety of projects, a majority of which focused on their marketing and mobile website. Below is a sampling of just a few of those projects.


A high level page on the ADP marketing website, “Why ADP” was designed to highlight the unmatched innovation, expertise, and insights you get with ADP and then guide users to the content most relevant to their experience. Shown below is the initial page redesign (left) alongside an updated iteration (right) reflecting the global brand updates rolled out across the marketing website in a subsequent release, followed by design direction for the mobile web environment.


View side by side of the original page and redesign


ADP has been in the payroll game for longer than I’ve been alive, a lot longer — 65 years to be exact. So, when tasked with telling their story I thought ... How can I capture that history and present it in a way that’s compelling, that resonates? Look how far we’ve come in the past 65 years. What was happening in the world at that point? ... And then it hit me! Maybe there’s a way to tell ADP’s story through the context of historical moments and events that everyone remembers or has heard or read about in the history books: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall. ADP loved the idea and told us to run with it! The final design walked the user through six and a half decades of ADP milestones documented with photos, stats, and quotes alongside global events that changed the world forever.


ADP Marketplace is a microsite targeted to ADP clients, partners, and developers with a focus on apps and API integration.


ADP offers a variety of products to support businesses across HR, talent, benefits, and compliance. These products are marketed on their website as product showcases and include a suite of pages designed to inform the user on whether that product is a good fit for their business. ADP Total Source product showcase, featured below, is marketed to small businesses looking for a more comprehensive HR solution.


Erica Rubinstein