ADP for Accountants Product Design

ADP for Accountants, an application designed to be a one-stop shop in the accounting industry, is a product I worked on as a design lead on the ADP account during my time with Modus Agency. This project included everything from client pitch and early concepting to UI and interaction design to marketing creative.


Accountants need access to a vast number of resources to get things done. Their workflows involve a lot of moving parts in an industry where laws and regulations are often changing and always complicated. ADP for Accountants is a robust cloud-based application designed to help accountants work as efficiently as possible. Featuring a customizable dashboard and seamless single sign-on integration with ADP’s payroll products accountants can access their clients and generate custom reports, view the latest CCH Master Tax Guide, and stay up to date on their CPEs all in one place.


Erica Rubinstein